About Us

Education for life!

At the institutions of the SIS educational association, people are committed to contributing their personal strengths, professional skills and experience to the daily work with children and young people.

The schools of the SIS network are places where first-class knowledge acquisition takes place in small classes and through individual support. Team spirit and a pleasant learning atmosphere contribute to sustainable learning success.

The latest scientific findings are always incorporated into the teaching. Regular further training of our teachers in their field of expertise and in methodological-didactic areas ensures the high quality of teaching at our schools.

We want the lessons to set impulses for lifelong learning. Learning processes are therefore designed in such a way that content is not passively absorbed, but actively, independently and creatively acquired. We attach great importance to individual, age-appropriate and sequential teaching of knowledge and skills.

School uniforms are worn at our schools because we consider it important to emphasise what unites us and to prevent exclusion.

Our vision

Our field is the world!

At our educational institutions, we want to make young people strong for the ever-growing, ever-changing world, in the spirit of our namesake Carl Hahn.

We are convinced that every pupil is entitled to good education and must be developed, strengthened and supported in the sense of a holistic personality. We focus on holistic learning with head, heart and hand, want every individual to develop the willingness to take responsibility for themselves and others and thus be able to stand up for social justice in our society and to work honestly and independently.

We see mutual respect, openness, respect, self-reflection, teamwork and the development of empathy, tolerance and social values as the cornerstones of our actions. Global thinking and awareness of sustainability also guide our actions.

how can we
help you?

how can we help you?


Working hours in Ramadan

8 - 13:15


Winter working hours

9 - 13 h

If you are unable to reach us by telephone, please feel free to send us an e-mail at: info@sis-cairo-west.com