School lunch

In our facility, we attach great importance to a healthy and balanced diet. Our goal is to awaken in the children the joy of healthy food.

Important information

For children in our kindergarten (incl. Kindergarten and preschool), meals are included. They also have a separate menu, which they can view here.

School children (primary school) can purchase meal tickets in the cafeteria. They choose their own food from a daily changing offer and pay with their tickets.

Food service

In our school, we place a high value on a healthy and balanced diet, because we believe that this makes a decisive contribution to the development of our children. For this reason, we cook fresh food every day. We always try to adapt the food to the individual needs and preferences of our kids to ensure that they enjoy eating and can develop in the best possible way.

Our proud partner in providing these healthy meals is "Blue Lounge". Their commitment to fresh, delicious and healthy meals fits perfectly with our philosophy. Together, we work to ensure our students' diets are varied and nutritious so they can learn each day with energy and joy.