This is us

The educational concept of our schools is based on pillars such as foreign language and media competence and ensures a solid formation of values and norms among children and young people.

Our view

We don't learn for school, we learn for life!
When students walk into school laughing, when parents carefree hand their charges over to our care - then there is much more behind it than just modernly equipped classrooms and home-cooked lunches.

Committed educators, holistic education, excellent career and university preparation, digital infrastructure, digital curricula and all-day programs all contribute on a daily basis to ensuring that students feel they are in the best possible hands at our facilities. With us, the joy of learning and the spirit of research thrive through shared experience and experimentation.

In accordance with the Saxon education and curriculum, supported by international guidelines and scientific findings, our students are made fit for life and global competition.

Our educational concept is based on five pillars

Language diversity through multilingual teaching, virtues such as openness to the world and intercultural competencies, drive and a sense of responsibility, mutual appreciation and much more: these are our educational foundations.

Social competence

Social competence is the ability to interact effectively with others, listen and communicate empathically, and act appropriately in a variety of social situations.

Media competence

Media literacy is crucial to be able to anlayse and criticize information in today's digital world and dealing responsibly with various media.

Business Competence

Economic Compitance is critical to understanding complex economic issues and making sound decisions in financial matters.

Foreign languages

In our educational concept, learning foreign languages plays an important role and equips children for their later life. We offer German, Arabic, Spanish and Chinese.

General education

A solid general education forms the basis for a comprehensive understanding of a wide range of topics, such as economics, geography and history.

Holistic education

Based on the Saxon education and curriculum and supported by international guidelines and findings, we offer a holistic educational concept.