Our kindergarten offers a familiar atmosphere, healthy nutrition and immersive foreign language acquisition with native speakers. Exciting field trips broaden the children's horizons.


Kindergarten lays an important foundation for the education and later life of our children. This is where the shaping of their character begins outside the parental home, so respectful interaction is of great importance.

In kindergarten, we focus on learning through play. Exciting activities are on the schedule every day. There is a lot of crafting, playing and discovering. In preschool, the children are then carefully and patiently prepared for school.

In addition to values and norms, children here are also taught foreign languages at an early age. Children have the amazing ability to learn languages much faster than adults. That's why our motto is: the earlier, the better. Immersive language acquisition, comparable to learning one's mother tongue, is our focus.

Through our German native speakers as educators, the children learn the German language in a very natural way. In addition, they also learn Arabic and Chinese.