Our company history

Founding idea

Germany, a country of ideas and innovations, of economic power, will only be able to maintain its high standard of living and hold its own internationally if tomorrow's skilled workers also meet the demands of advancing globalisation.

And where else, if not in a functioning education system, in a good school, can we succeed in making the next generation, young people, fit in the sense of fit for the future for the changing demands of working life.

Based on this conviction and against the backdrop of the rapidly changing circumstances after the political turnaround in 1989, Rüdiger School and Dr Horst Jähnert founded the European Primary School Glauchau in 2003: A new type of school, which on the one hand was to be forward-looking, open-mindedness, foreign language oriented and geared to the increasing challenges of the working world. On the other hand, values and norms were to play a major role in the lessons.

The success of the first school proved the founders right, and more schools were founded between 2005 and 2009 - in July 2009 the Saxony International School was born, and all existing schools were transferred to SIS. Finally, on 17 August of the same year, the school's sponsor was ceremoniously named after Carl Hahn, the well-known automobile manager, cosmopolitan and native of Chemnitz.

After the success and years of experience in Germany, the first of our schools with an innovative German curriculum came abroad - to Egypt - in 2021 with SIS Cairo West. Teachers from all over the world now also teach in Cairo according to the SIS system.

how can we
help you?

how can we help you?


Working hours in Ramadan

8 - 13:15


Winter working hours

9 - 13 h

If you are unable to reach us by telephone, please feel free to send us an e-mail at: info@sis-cairo-west.com